About Compound Fitness

My name is Paul March, Owner and Founder of Compound Fitness. I am a highly experienced professional strength and conditioning coach with over 18 years of experience. I am highly motivated and dedicated to helping people achieve their goals. The many years of experience have given me a superpower to listen to individuals and know precisely how we can guide them to massive success.

At Compound Fitness I deliver top quality strength and conditioning programmes to support every individual achieve their goals. Alongside that is our bespoke nutritional coaching & support, that marries perfectly with the last piece of the puzzle; a solid mindset. The community at Compound Fitness is fun and supportive; each is working hard on their own targets but working together having fun.

Have a look at this short video which shows you a bit about me and my background in professional support and how this has led me to forge my own business living my beliefs and values.

Mission Statement

Empowering you to achieve your goals. Elite coaching and training dedicated to each individual.

Fitter – Faster – Stronger